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American Mean Girls Miss Lexi Chase: Simping for Lexi Chase – PART 1 (Release date: May 09, 2021) – FOOT FETISH
American Mean Girls Miss Lexi Chase: Simping for Lexi Chase – PART 1 (Release date: May 09, 2021) – FOOT FETISH

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Miss Lexi Chase has some loser simp come to visit her hotel room while she is traveling and grovel at her feet in person while she chats on the phone with her boyfriend. She makes it pay her thousands of dollars and place it under her perfect little feet as a tribute to her. This particular simp has been begging for Miss Chase for yeeeaars to go on a “date” with him- and been thoroughly rejected by her. But it is still SO desperate to be in her life. She laughs with her BF that it is “DumDum” that is groveling at her feet right now. She tells her BF about all the simps that beg for her- they both find it amusing how badly she treats them and they make up mean nicknames for them so they can tell them apart when they are mocking them to each other. It makes her and her BF laugh when they insult Lexi’s simps and call them mean names right to their faces- but yet they STILL worship the ground she walks on and do whatever she says at the snap of her fingers.

The loser just keeps kissing Miss Chase’s little size 5 feet and telling her how PERFECT she is- while all she does is laugh at it and insult it and remind it how little it means to her. She laughs out loud that no matter HOW much the simp worships her, spends on her, and does whatever she says at the snap of her fingers- it still will never be good enough for her. It will just be used and walked all over. But the only other option is WAY worse for the simp. Because if it doesn’t let Miss Chase use it, mistreat it, and walk all over it- she will simply get rid of it. And the simp would MUCH rather be used and walked all over by Miss Chase than to be discarded by her completely!!

When the simp’s money finally runs out, Miss Chase decides that she is done with the simp loser and his “worship time” at her feet is over…unless he puts a new pair of Louboutins on her perfect feet! The simp is so pathetic that he agrees to take Miss Chase shoe shopping for the expensive designer heels, just so he can be in the presence of her beauty a little longer…

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