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AmericanMeanGirls Princess Mya: Princess Fuk Off
AmericanMeanGirls Princess Mya: Princess Fuk Off

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Since She joined up with MiamiMeanGirls, Princess Mya has become knows as “The Fuk Off Girl”- not only because of her attitude, but because of the T-shirt she wore in Her first video. (Seriously, slaves write in for Her and ask for “The Fuk Off Girl”!) In this clip She is wearing the matching shorts. (see video preview)

She is working out in them, along with some REALLY old, stinky sneakers and some knee-high socks that she wore back in High School! (Which was only 2 years ago for her, but still…) Thats when some foot-obsessed guy comes in and starts talking to her about her shoes and feet- and offers to PAY her to “worship” them! Right there in the gym! (Have you ever wanted to do that when you saw a hot girl at the gym working out?)

So Princess Mya actually takes him up on his strange offer and leads him up to her apartment! But thats when things take a strange turn – and this is totally real – when Princess Mya orders this guy to lick the bottom of her dirty sneaker in order to “earn” the right to lick her sweaty feet, he REFUSES! Princess Mya is FURIOUS and we actually had to stop the tape. She truly is a “mean girl”- and does not accept disrespect from ANY male! He didnt know what he was getting into with her, I guess- and he gets kicked out!

So the rest of the video is Princess Mya talking into the camera- showing YOU her feet, peeling off her sneakers and sweaty socks…and talking about how she bets ALL of you would LOVE to lick her sneaker soles if she told you to!

The best part of this clip? Princess Mya talks about how She just opened a “collar me ” account- and gives her profile name in the video explaining EXACTLY HOW YOU CAN CONTACT HER and buy her old, worn and smelly socks and shoes! She wants to hear from her footslave fans!



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