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Club Stiletto Mistress Bijou Steal: Done Just So
Club Stiletto Mistress Bijou Steal: Done Just So

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Ms Bijou is standing over her slave and comments that men are very paculiar creatures, “They like things done just so, don’t touch me there, do it just right.” She then hops off the slave and sits on his face and says “I don’t really care what they like, I just want to have a good time and I’m going to do to him exactly as I like.” She then stands up and steps back on him with her brutal 6″ stilettos. Bijou’s lean body and muscular legs are a sight to behold and she says she has no interest in her slave other than to make him suffer. This slave has super sensitive balls and he freaks out anytime someone gets near them so she makes sure to step on them and give them a kick too. She gets back on him and steps with one foot on his stomach and the other on his head. She makes him kiss the shoe. She then squats on him and the heels really dig in making the slave grunt and cry out in pain.

Bijou then decides to put her initial B on his stomach with her heels. She steps on him to make an impression then moves slightly to the next spot until she has left a visible B for him to remember her by. The slave is clearly suffering and Bijou admonishes him for moving. She tells him to set his hands by his side and she steps on them, then leaning forward and spitting into his mouth. “Those are my only juices you will ever consume” she tells him adding “You are nothing but a dirty doormat.

Mistress Bijou Steal


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