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Cruel Punishments: Anette’s most brutal sessions part 1-3
Cruel Punishments: Anette’s most brutal sessions part 1-3

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The sexy Mistress Anette brutally canes the naked slave. She is clad in a black pathernt pvc miniskirt, high heel pathent pvc boots, a choker and a pair of black gloves. She makes her slave lay on his back on the caning bench and pulls both of his legs up in the air, so she can easily reach his naked ass with her cruel cane. Every stroke is followed by a high pithed scream and Anette’s disgusted comments.

The third and most painful punishment for the useless slave is a special gift from Mistress Anette. She wants to kick his balls and torture them. The slave trembles slightly, fear choking his throat as he wathes Mistress Anette’s black boots. One of her boots soon comes in contact with his balls painfully and the slave screams out really loud and desperate. Anette loves the sound. She reaches for a cane and she continues the cock and ball torture with that.

The slave’s next punishment is back whipping, but not in the ordinary way. He has to stay on the massage bed, he was previously punished on, but he must turn and lay on his belly. Mistress Anette tied him down again, in this new position and she starts the back whipping with a thick bullwhip. The slave thrashes around, screaming, begging for his mistress to stop, but instead of stopping, Anette grabs two thinner whips and strokes his back with both of them.


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