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American Mean Girls: Mean Newscaster Miss Chase (4K) – ARROGANT WOMAN
American Mean Girls: Mean Newscaster Miss Chase (4K) – ARROGANT WOMAN

“This is Lexi Chase, signing off for Action 4 News!”

Lexi Chase is the star reporter for Action 4 News. She is a big fish in a small pond- and she knows it. She knows she is destined for stardom! She should be in a major market like LA or NY- but she is “doing her time” for now at a small local station because she is still so young. She treats her support staff like GARBAGE- but they know they need to put up with it because she IS a star for the station. (and she is just SO hot!) It is obvious to everyone that she will be on a national newscast in no time.

In this episode Miss Chase is reporting on a toxic waste dump out in the middle of the desert. She complains about how this story is “like sooo beneath her!” and that she should be an anchor, sitting behind a comfy, dignified desk. At one point she wants to take a break and sit down but no one thought to bring her a chair, so she literally uses her assistant as a “human chair” for her to sit on out in the desert as she sips her tea. (Yes, she made her staff bring her special herbal tea all the way out in the desert just for her to sip on during her breaks!)

She then demands that her new stiletto-heeled Louboutins be shined and all the desert sand be cleaned off! The cameraman is recruited for this, and he has no other option but to use his TONGUE to clean the sand off Miss Chase’s designer shoes! She insisted on bringing these shoes even on-location and wearing them out in the desert, so her staff had to bring a special wooden board for her to stand on she she wouldn’t ruin these designer shoes that one of her “simp-fanboys” from twiitter bought her!

At the end Miss Chase has an idea of how she can win an award for her reporting and get national exposure! But it will require sacrificing one of her staff… Luckily, they mean nothing to her. they are just “little people” that were born to be sacrificed for the advancement of important, “pretty people” like her!

Watch the video to hear her evil plan at the end…

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