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The Mean Girls – Shackled And Shamed – double domination

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It’s so fun visiting the Mean Girl Manor and just torturing the losers that Platinum keeps possession of there. LMFAO!!! Take for instance this loser who is shackled and cuffed to the end if the bed and an absolute horrible site to have to look at for Myself and Goddess Platinum in the bed. Sooooo We do what We would to any worthless piece of human trash that might find it’s way to be locked up anywhere in the Manor, We destroy and debase this thing from the moment We start interacting with it…

I mean having a beautiful girl kick it repeatedly in it’s face is all this meat-headed brain deeaad dolt is good for. I actually even tried letting it be of use by worshipping Our feet and this idiot did such a terrible job and was like totally annoying… I had to kick it in the face, ya know… just a few times LOL!!! Don’t act like you are surprised, you know how insanely brutal I get when I am around the Mean Girls… HEHehehe I guess you can say they are a naughty influence on me. 😉

This entire time Platinum and I insulted the freak and we definitely didn’t hold back when letting it know how We really feel about it…

And just for good measure we left it restrained to the end of my bed to ponder the final threat We made to it about what’s next in store… get it now and see for yourself freak…


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