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The Mean Girls Goddess Platinum and Princess Mia: Monkey See Monkey Doo
The Mean Girls Goddess Platinum and Princess Mia: Monkey See Monkey Doo

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Princess Mia and I spent the day shopping for new dresses to wear out tonight dancing, but now our feet are so sore! We decided to take advantage of our pathetic live in slave. So we called in our first foot slave…geezer.

I know how stupid geezer is but I had to show Princess Mia. it’s so stupid I actually warned Princess Mia. Hahaha It was so embarrassing how ridiculously bad geezer is at foot worship. I knew it was bad but i was laughing so hard at poor Princess Mia’s reaction when geezer was attempting to worship her feet. Seriously pathetic!

So after stupid gave Princess Mia a worthless foot massage for a while and we both laughed at it till we cried, I called over another slave to show geezer what the fuck foot worship looks like. Lol! Our other slave worshipped my feet while geezer watched and attempted to worship Princess Mia’s feet. No matter how much we forced geezer to watch and learn from the other slave geezer was just too stupid.

In true geezer fashion it failed! It just couldn’t get it. Princess Mia and I were beyond fed up with how lousy it was. I promised Princess Mia that she would understand why geezer was still around as a slave once we beat it. That’s all geezer is good for is beating. Princess Mia decided to just gag geezer. Force it to take her perfect foot like a cock. LOL! Watching geezer gag on Princess Mia’s foot was priceless! This old bag of bones tried so hard to take her foot in its throat with out gagging but it failed over and over. Hahah Every time it gagged on her foot its eye’s popped out of its head like a stupid blow fish.

geezer’s new name is dinosaur fart! Because its old like a dinosaur and the sounds that came out of its mouth when it was gagging sounded like a fart. He couldn’t help but to gag and choke her perfect foot. Loser.

— Goddess Platinum


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