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Brat Princess 2: Nika Venom – Its a Wallet Rinsing Month
Brat Princess 2: Nika Venom – Its a Wallet Rinsing Month

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Nika Venom has got her dummy beta male waiting on her hand and foot. She enjoys her lollypop while he kneels before her in chastity. Nika is thinking about dramatically changing her hairstyle to attract a new Alpha. She runs some ideas by her beta, asking him what he would like if he were an Alpha. Of course, the beta will pay for her new hairstyle, and she also wants new brand name shoes. She likes a certain type of sneakers so much she wants to get them in multiple colors. Beta is a little whiny because he knows it’s a wallet rinsing month. He really can’t afford to give Nika all the presents she wants in addition to the thorough rinse. He just hasn’t budgeted for it all.

Nika compares her beta to her boyfriend. This really deflates the beta’s self-esteem and gets it riper for spending. Betas spend easiest when their self-esteem is low. A beta must always remember that it can always buy on credit. Nika’s beta complains that it hasn’t gotten its seasonal release. Nika reminds her beta that life is never fair for a beta, and hers is showing a bad attitude. Life is unfair for a beta from the start, but a good beta shows a good attitude about it regardless.

Nika teases her beta’s chastity with her shoe. She reminds him it’s his rinsing month. On a rinsing month, a beta must contribute even more financially to display its devotion for its Princess. Nika helps herself to everything in its wallet and tells him that he will be rinsed again on payday. Nika tells her beta that she and Kat did a little research into his finances and discovered the money he’s been stockpiling in his rainy-day fund. They want that. They are going to take it from him and, they are going to take him to the Edging Salon for more reprogramming.

Then Nika’s beta massages her feet and smells her socks while she talks on the phone with her boyfriend. She can’t wait to get her nails done, and go shopping, and go out with her boyfriend with the cash she just collected from beta. Nika makes her beta worship her feet. She gags him a lot. A beta must always remember to be grateful to have a Princess to contribute to. It gives a beta purpose and meaning in an otherwise meaningless existence. This video may seem shocking and cruel, but betas must always remember that their only purpose is to provide for girls. There’s one more thing Nika needs from her beta. She needs it to start swallowing her boyfriend’s cum for her. All the talk of fucking her boyfriend has gotten Nika so turned on. She can’t wait to fuck. Beta’s wallet harder, that is.


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