ALISA – Has two slaves – Foot worship and humiliation

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Today Alisa is having fun with two slaves at once. A slave girl sits on her knees near Alisa like a slut while a slave licks her sneakers. After the sneakers became clean, Alisa orders to take them off and sniff her sweaty socks. The socks were very sweaty and wet and Alisa decides to put her sock in the mouth of the slave girl. While this stupid slave girl chews her sock, the slave worships Alisa’s sweaty feet. But the young Mistress doesn’t have enough humiliation for her sluts, and she lights a cigarette and shakes all the ashes in the mouth of her idiot slave girl, not forgetting to spit in her mouth. The slave tries to please his Mistress and licks her soles thoroughly but Alice is unhappy with him and constantly insults him. She smoked a cigarette and extinguished it right on the idiot’s tongue.


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