Seduce Destroy – Nikkitta – Pretty In Pink Animosity

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Nikkitta has it in for this guy, he managed to royally annoy her in the first match that day. I had to stop the film. The guy really disgruntled this tall, tanned, powerful bodybuilder. Not a clever thing to do.

In this match, it seems Nikkitta really wants to hurt her opponent and to show him who is boss. Whilst filming, I noticed how this fight wasn’t as fast or feisty as Nikkitta’s other fights for SEDUCEDESTROY, but upon watching it over, it is clear she is riled up. With agitation and frustration across her face, Nikkitta is composed yet fiery; her grapevines and schoolgirl pins are aggressive, her attacks tempestuous. There is a real power exchange going on which makes the match intense. The eye contact is electric.

The beautiful weightlifter and fitness model, a serious athlete, applies the pressure and firm grips, letting him know she has full control. Trying hard to withstand her fierce holds, gritting his teeth and turning red he’s stubborn but finally taps, over and over.

There sure is some animosity between the two fighters, it’s an erotic grapple; its intensity becomes rather captivating. Not to mention, a toned, tanned, powerful raven-haired beauty in a pretty pink bikini, kicking ass, is also rather captivation, of course.

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