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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Eat It Bitch
Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Eat It Bitch

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Sexy blond BBW Skylar comes home and approaches her slave who is locked under her toilet chair and in chastity. She tells him she has been holding in the biggest ever and she is going to use his mouth and tongue to prepare her for her dump. She mocks him that no woman would ever want to kiss someone who eats $4h1t and that’s why he is nothing more than a toilet. He has to tell her how gross and disgusting he is. “What makes you so disgusting is that you actually get turned on by smelling farts, licking dirty asshole and eating $4h1t.”, she tells him. She tells him he is in permanent chastity because she knows she could never trust him otherwise. She then removes her panties so she can feed her nasty little pig. She denies him a sniff of her panties but wraps them around his chastity belt instead. She then has him lick her asshole, making sure to remind him her pussy is off limits… that’s saved for her boyfriend. “Maybe someday I’ll let you watch him fuck me, or maybe he can fuck me up the ass and then you can lick his cock clean.” The slaves little dick starts to swell a bit in its cage. The slave rims her nicely and she compliments him on the good job. She starts to touch herself as she gets off on knowing he is soon going to be eating from her. She tells him to get his tongue in deeper and then she can’t wait any longer. “Stop licking and open your mouth, you’re starving and it’s time to feed”. She grunts and says, “Eat it Bitch”.


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