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Brat Princess 2: Daniela – Face Sits her Step Son for Black Widow Practice (720 HD)

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Danni is a slave to his step mom Mistress Daniela. She is now going to train him to uses his face for pleasure for her and her friends. She gets out some handcuffs and locks Danni’s hands under the smother bench. It is impossible to fight off his step mother now. She can sit full weight without him being able to do anything about it. This is how she will do him in once the money is gone. She is making him learn to trust that when the handcuffs go on and the ladies come over it is just “Mommy wants to use me”! Then when the time comes there will be no panic from Danni. He will think it just for Her or Isabella. But then it will be too late. She will sit full weight and make a seal and Danni will be gone just like his Dad. His dad thought she just wanted to orgasm but she smothered him and got his money. Daniela fans will love this clip! Full weight smother and face sitting!


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