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Young Goddess Kim: Too Hot To Handle – JOI

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Kneel before Me and present your cock and balls to Me as My toys to play with! you have been edging all day for Me without release. But before you have My permission to cum, you have to follow My instructions. you’ll need a gag, clothespins and some lube… No not the average kind – you’ll be using IcyHot as lube! (May be substituted with Deep Heat, Toothpaste, Tiger Balm or even hot sauce). Now that you have it all in front of you, the fun begins. I take you under My complete control and instruct you exactly how I want you to stroke your cock and squeeze your balls. My toys. Feel yourself getting harder, so aroused feeling My control. My dominant beauty teasing you, seducing you, commanding you to torment your hard cock and aching balls for My pleasure! Permission to cum granted, if you follow My instructions.

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