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Natashas Bedroom – Surrender – masturbation encouragement

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You’re a Christian, a devotee of God’s book and his holy word. That is, until your cock starts to harden. When you’re aroused, you just can’t help yourself: your hands reach for your cock and you stroke. You sin.

In fact, you’re hard right now, harder than you ever thought possible. Do you know why? Because you’re in the presence of Me, Satan, the Dark Goddess. God teaches you to resist pleasure, but to what end? Why would he give you those urges, that capacity for carnal bliss, just to punish you for acting on it?

It’s time to realign your loyalties. Accept Me, Satan, and I’ll give you pleasure that you never dreamed possible. It’ll be a cum baptism, and, after, your soul will be Mine for eternity. Once your corporeal form finishes convulsing with an other-worldly orgasm, I’ll wrap My hands around your neck and transport you to my queendom of fire and brimstone. If you think cumming for me feels good, just wait and see how it feels to have the life drained out of your body by my hand…

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