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Natashas Bedroom – Commit Blasphemy – masturbation encouragement

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Get out your holy book, my little Christian, and take out your hard cock. I’m going to seduce you into committing blasphemy of biblical proportions. You’ll surrender to temptation and follow my instructions, as I lead you straight to hell.

This is a different kind of Sunday school. It’s a lesson in sin and temptation and biblical defilement. Open to the page I command. Shall we read the word of the lord? No, we shan’t. We shall spit all over that sacred text and rip it to shreds. Spit is the least offensive substance that you’ll be covering those pages in today. You’ll take a taste of the forbidden fruit and desecrate the most fundamental commandments that your god has set forth.

THIS is the righteous path: the wayward path of the sinner. It feels good to sin, doesn’t it? And this is only the beginning of your holy transgression. I’ll take you so far down the path of sin and evil that, by the end, you’ll be beyond redemption. It’s eternal damnation for you, bible boy.

Your god on a cross doesn’t stand a chance against my satanic seduction.

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