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Jenni Knight 24 – Mommy Son Kevin – in bedroom

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Mommy calls me into her room to talk. At some point, one of her boobs falls out. She notices that there is a bulge in her son’s pants and it keeps getting bigger.

Mommy sees one of her boobs are out and asks “Kevin, are you turned on because of seeing mommy like this?” Mommy gets me to confess about having dirty thoughts about her and masturbating while having those thoughts. Mommy confesses she has had dirty thoughts about her son and describes in detail what made her have these dirty thoughts about her own son.

Then mommy mentions how his father is working late again and suggests we explore these naughty feelings. Mommy and son start kissing and making out. The son mentions how he doesn’t have a condom and mommy says, “Kevin, you don’t need a condom to fuck mommy. I just want to feel you deep inside of mommy.” While mommy is fucking her son, she is degrading his father and we both talk very dirty to each other throughout. When mommy and son get close to cumming mommy screams, “Mommy is going to cum all over your cock Kevin.

Don’t you fucking dare pull out of mommy’s pussy. Cum deep inside of mommy Kevin!”

Please use the squirting dildo and show the creampie. Say something naughty and dirty at the end and how this taboo love will continue.

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