Hypno Cypher – Psychodelic Sissy 3

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Hey perverts, please enjoy this Minipack of five videos I’ve put together collecting some of the best Sissy Hypnosis creations from the last year or so. Videos are by HypnoCypher, Leyendecker and Lela LuvBug, pulled from streaming sites so expect decent but not 1080p quality.

These videos are all fast paced compilation of porn clips that flicker and change quickly, with suggestive audio overlays and text instructing you to cut loose and indulge in your sissy tendencies. With clips drawn from literally thousands of scenes, it’s impossible to list all performers.

However, in classic sissy hypnosis fashion, you can expect rapid fire clips of all things sissy, LOTS of shemales sucking dick, getting fucked and showered with cum. Missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, pinned down – all the positions you need to practice.

You’ll learn to zone out and just let the nearly thirty minutes of sissy training wash over you.

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