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HumiliationPOV Chastity Lynn: Coed Roommate Bankrupts You With Her Feet – FOOT HUMILIATION
HumiliationPOV Chastity Lynn: Coed Roommate Bankrupts You With Her Feet – FOOT HUMILIATION

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Chastity Lynn!

Hey, so while you were out I was using your computer and I saw your browser history and it seems like you’re really into feet, and by into feet I mean like you have a really bad addiction. I saw all those foot clips you downloaded and well I’m wondering why you’ve never paid attention to my feet. I have really cute, sexy feet and toes. Here, let me show them to you. You see you don’t have to live in that fantasy world any more, from now on you can worship my feet. They’re always right here for you and aren’t they just perfect?

Yes, I can see how much they are turning you on, but, if you want this to happen, it’s not going to be for free. You see I now know how much you spend on feet online, so if you want this for real, it’s going to cost you a lot more. So stop spending money on clips and just give it to me then you can have the real thing, hot bratty feet in your face. Go ahead, pull your cock out, I know that’s what you do when you watch all of those foot clips online. You love jerking your cock to feet, don’t you? It’s ok, you can jerk to my feet, I know how turned on you are right now. Do you like my toes? They’re so pretty, aren’t they? I’m going to take all of your money with my feet. All of that money that you’ve so stupidly been spending on clips, it’s going to be mine now. You don’t have to be ashamed of your little foot addiction with me. No, I’m going to let you indulge in your sick fetish while you jerk off and I drain your wallet lol.

Worship my feet loser. Look at my soles, I’ll bet you’d love to rub your cock on them or get a foot job, well that’s going to cost more. Or maybe I’ll let you pay me to lick them. This is so much better in person, isn’t it? It’s much better pumping that cock to my perfect pedicured toes right here in front of you. Don’t stop jerking idiot, I know my feet are making your cock throb. I’m going to enjoy fucking you over with my feet lol. I’ll bet you weren’t expecting this when you got home from class, what a nice surprise. I’m going to own you with my feet, I’m going to get inside your mind and control you with them. Soon all you’re going to want to do is jerk to my feet.

You’re going to be my foot worshiping loser. It’s going to be so easy to cash råpe you with my feet. You fucking moron. I want you hard and horny all the time jerking it to my perfect feet. I’m going to drain your wallet with your naughty little foot addiction. I’ll even let you taste them, I know that will send your head spiraling down a path from which you’ll never recover. I’m going to use my sexy perfect feet to råpe your wallet. Admit it, my feet own you. Give in to your fantasies. All you want to do is spend all of your money on my perfect feet. You just can’t stop jerking your cock, this is so much better than those videos you were buying. Give in to your foot addiction loser.

You can come into my room any time you want to satisfy that little foot addiction, all you have to do is knock on my door with your wallet in your mouth lol. You can jerk your cock and worship my feet any time you want. Soon I’m going to have you paying my half of the rent lol. I’m going to live for free just because you can’t resist my feet. Jerking and worshiping and paying, that’s all you want to do. Pay and worship loser. You never have to watch another clip again, you can satisfy all of your foot addiction needs right here where you live lol.

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