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Humiliation POV Princess Miki: A Sensual Tease And Denial Experience For Obedient Stroke Puppets – TEASE & DENIAL
Humiliation POV Princess Miki: A Sensual Tease And Denial Experience For Obedient Stroke Puppets – TEASE & DENIAL

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Princess Miki

I decide if you get to cum, not you. I know you desperately want an explosive mind numbing orgasm, but you don’t deserve that. It’s up to me, and I haven’t yet decided whether or not I’m going to let you cum today. But one thing I am going to do is tease and deny that horny cock of yours. And the end I might let you cum, or might cruelly deny you. It’s always up to me. Don’t hope for an orgasm, just follow my instructions and obey me, because that’s what good obedient little jerk slaves do. All you have to worry about is grabbing hold of your cock, no, my cock, and start stroking.

Acknowledge that’s it’s not up to you, acknowledge it’s not your cock, it’s mine, as you stroke it. Look into my eyes as you stroke it and confirm this. Say, ‘Yes Princess, it’s your cock.’ Good boy. All you need to worry about is being my good boy, don’t worry about what I’m going to do to you. It’s up to me, it’s in my hands, so there’s no need to think about it at all. I want you to be horny, I want you to be desperate, I want you to want it badly, while accepting that it’s not in your control. I decide, the power is in my hands. Now keep stroking and obeying me and keep thinking about being a good boy for me whether I allow you to cum hard for me, or deny you.

I might leave you with blue balls after edging like a good boy for so long. I’m going to tease you and make you worship my body as you stroke my cock. And is making you edge to my perfect body really so bad? It’s not, is it? You love this intimate experience of jerking your cock as I speak directly to you, as I tease you with my sexy body. Stroke it faster, get to the edge, but you’re not going to cum because it’s not up to you. Stop stroking. Good boy.

Now start stroking again, and think about this… If I let you cum, it will all end, all the pleasure that you’re experiencing right now as you ride that edge. And the closeness that you’re feeling right now as you look into my eyes, melting under my power, all of that will end. But if I deny you, you’ll get to keep riding that edge all night and spend more time with me and none of this will have to end. You can keep getting lost in my body all night, you can keep melting under my beautiful spell. Or I can make you cum right now after telling you all the benefits of denial. An orgasm might be far more cruel than denial, but it’s not up to you, is it?

Slow down, don’t you wanna edge all night for me, don’t you wanna be my stroke puppet all night? Yes you want to devote yourself to me and stroke it all night. Orgasms are far more cruel than denial. True pleasure is showing me that you can obey me and worship me all night long. So If I’m feeling kind, I will deny you, if I’m feeling cruel, I will førce you to cum. This isn’t just a jerkoff instruction, this is an obedience exercise. Obedience training. A lesson on how to achieve true pleasure. You understand that, don’t you? You’re so lost in the pleasure of edging that you don’t care if you cum or not. It just feels so good to be my good boy. Look into my eyes and say, “I need to be your good boy, Princess.’ That’s what you need, that’s all you need. Not an orgasm, that’s short lived pleasure. You need to obey. You need whatever I think you need. Obedience is pleasure.

You kinda want me to deny you now, don’t you? You feel like you need to be denied. But still it’s not up to you. Which is it going to be? What am I going to decide? I’m going to deny you, yes, now you get to spend all night with me. You’ve been denied. And my denial is a blessing. Now keep your hand on my cock and keep edging. Keep falling under my spell. And of course, thank me for denying you. Say, ‘Thank you Princess for giving me the gift of denial.

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