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Humiliation POV Princess Emma Lux: You’re A Manipulation Junkie, There Is No Escape – Relapse-Fantasy
Humiliation POV Princess Emma Lux: You’re A Manipulation Junkie, There Is No Escape – Relapse-Fantasy

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Princess Emma Lux!

Here you are, back again. You ‘used’ to be obsessed with humiliation porn, right? You ‘were’ a manipulation junkie, but not anymore, right? You’re over that sad, pathetic addiction. At one point in your life you couldn’t get enough of it. It consumed you. You were a junkie. But you’re all better now, right? You’re not tempted by cruel manipulation tactics anymore, you’re all better, right? LOL! But I can tell just by looking at your dumb face that you’re not over it. Why else would you be here if you were done? You’re here because you’re still an addict. In fact, you need more. You want more. You want to fall back into your old habits and I’m here to help you relåpse.
You need me, you need me so fucking badly. You need this body, you need my harsh manipulative words. You need me to remind you what a pathetic manipulation junkie you are, what a fucking loser you are, what a humiliation porn addict that you are. You thought you were better, you thought you could escape. But here’s the truth about men like you, you always come back because there is no escape. Once you’ve experienced an intense orgasm from a manipulatrix like me, there’s no going back. You might temporarily try to, but you start longing for my cruel words and manipulative ways. You long for my beautiful face and my hot sexy body. You need to be constantly reminded what a pathetic loser you are and you need to realize that you’ll never get better. You’ll never have a normal life. You’ll never be able to escape your addiction.

Now that you’ve found me, you’re destined to relåpse over and over. And each time you come back you will fall harder than the time before. You’ve never met a woman with my power. You’ve never met a better manipulatrix in your fucking life. Humiliation porn was made for you. You’re not a real men, real men watch real porn. But not you, you’ve tried that stuff and it just doesn’t do it for you. You want to be normal, you’ve tried so many fucking times to just be normal. You binge on humiliation porn and then you delete it off of your computer. You try to move on with your life, you try to forget me, but you simply can’t.

You feel that throbbing in your cock and the only thing that helps, is my humiliation porn. It’s the only thing that does it for you. How pathetic. It’s too easy to mold your mind, to use you, to take advantage of you. You mean nothing to me. You’re not a person to me, you’re a number. Yet you always come back, you always need more. You’re never going to escape. Each time you try you’re going to relåpse harder and harder, on my body, on my face, on words. This is your life now, it’s time to accept that. Accept that you’re not a real man. Accept that normal porn is not for you, this is all you should be watching.

I want you to admit exactly what you are. Say, ‘Princess Emma, I’m a manipulation junkie.’ ‘Princess Emma I’m obsessed with humiliation porn and I’ll never escape.’ You need to accept your fate. You need to accept exactly who the fuck you are. Stare at me and give in. Relåpse. Relåpse harder than ever before. I want you to go on a humiliation porn binge. I want it to consume you. Accept it junkie, there is no escape. Now thank me for pulling you back into this world even deeper.


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