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Humiliation POV Kayla Jane: Edge To My Perfect Feet
Humiliation POV Kayla Jane: Edge To My Perfect Feet

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Are you ready for an intoxicating tease? An edging journey? I am here to be your guide. I’m going to have you edge to my perfect feet. And I know that a foot slut like you is going to love edging to my feet. My perfect feet make you so weak, and edging your cock makes you even weaker.

So stare at the soles of my feet and start stroking your cock. Stroke, stroke to my sexy pedicured toes. Start out slow, then feel your hand increase it’s speed as you fall deeper for my feet. And if you feel yourself getting too close to the edge, back off just a little bit, and then start slowly jerking again, trying to keep that balance of keeping your cock right on the edge, on the edge for my feet. Because there’s no cumming for you today. You’re just going to stare and stroke as you allow me to take you as close as I can to the edge.

I want you to edge for each one of my toes. Give me nice long, slow strokes. You love watching them wiggle and point. And you love being a stroke slave for me. I need you to edge for me. Imagine your cock between my perfect feet. I know you’d love that. But know that this will never happen in real life, the closest you’ll get is this opportunity right here. So stroke for my feet while I guide you. Use this opportunity wisely.

Now stop stroking, stop and just stare at my perfect soles, my high arches. Let that cock twitch in the air. Let your cum go back down into your balls. We’re just edging today, no cumming. Now start stroking again to my feet. Build your speed and rhythm. Feel your orgasm building again. Feel yourself edging. Let your mind grab a hold of your cock.

I want you right at the point where you think that with one more stroke you might cum and hold yourself right there. Good boy. And even though you’re aching to cum, you know you’re not going to. Just keep edging to my feet.


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