Humiliation POV: Jerk With Your Credit Card In Your Mouth
Humiliation POV: Jerk With Your Credit Card In Your Mouth

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You’re back for more wallet abuse. You can’t stay away from me. You’re addicted to stroking and paying. You’re so fucking easy. You’re already so horny and excited just from staring at me. So while you’re stupid and horny, I want you to pull out your credit card and stick it right in your mouth. Now get down on your knees, put your cock in your hand, and look up at me on your screen with your credit card in your mouth and start stroking. Oh I know that is turning you on so much. Pay pigs like you love when I degrade you before I take all of your cash. I’ll bet your cock is already throbbing and twitching in your hand, making you so weak.

Jerk to me with your credit card in your mouth, loser. You look like a true human atm. And you love it because you know that’s all you are to me. You’re on your knees, ready to spend for me. I know you’re eager to get started. Because it only feels good when you pay, doesn’t it piggy? Jerk it faster my little human atm. I know it feels so good. And I want it to feel good, because the better it feels, the dumber you get, the more you spend. I know exactly what makes you tick.

How does that feel, jerking with your credit card in your mouth? I’ll bet it feels really good. I wonder how many human atms are on their knees jerking to me right now. You know you’re just one of many. You mean nothing to me. But yet you’re still so desperate for my attention that you’ll financially degrade yourself in any way I tell you to.

Stare and stroke my mesmerized piggy. I’m going to have your head spinning in a financial trance. I know you’re loving this. You’re going to want to do it all the time. Stroke faster my little human atm, and as you stroke all you can think about is handing over your money to me. You wanna go broke for me right now, don’t you? I love draining you. And as I tell you this you feel your cock twitch in your hands. All this talk of me draining you has you on the edge. I know you can’t wait to pay me.


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