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Humiliation POV Goddess Dommelia: Step-Mommy Wanted A Pretty Pink Princess Girl – Sissy Reprogramming (Release date: May 07, 2020) – FEMINIZATION
Humiliation POV Goddess Dommelia: Step-Mommy Wanted A Pretty Pink Princess Girl – Sissy Reprogramming (Release date: May 07, 2020) – FEMINIZATION

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Goddess Dommelia! This is a powerful mesmerizing clip where Step-Mommy Domme will fuck up your brain and mindwash you into her pretty sissy pink princess. (This clip is also accompanied by a very sissy audio background track.)

Hey sissy bitch. I know you always wondered why your step-mommy wasn’t proud of you. You weren’t the favorite in your family, were you loser? And I know why your step-mommy was always disappointed in you. Do you wanna know why you’ve been a perpetual disappointment to your step-mommy? It’s because your step-mommy didn’t want a boy, your step-mommy wanted a girl. You were a disappointment the second you were born and she saw that horrible little thing between your legs. Ewww step-mommy didn’t want a boy. No. Step-Mommy wanted a girl. Step-Mommy wanted a pretty pink little princess girl that she could play with and mold. And don’t you just hate being such a disappointment to your step-mommy? I know you do.

You were always a disappointment, step-mommy was never proud of you. But guess what? I can help you. I’m here to help you transform so that step-mommy can finally be proud of you. And I’m going to use some magic tools to help you get in the right frame of mind. And when you use my tools your mind is going to become blank and you will become more susceptible to my words. I love making you stupid and pliable. You’re going to watch and let your mind be reprogrammed. You’re not going to be a boy by the end of this video. Your brain is going to be changed. I’m going to help you change gender. I’m going to turn you into what your step-mommy always wanted, a perfect little girl. Time for some more of my magic, little sissy, and feel all of your masculinity melt away.

Do you feel that? Now I want you to stare at your screen and allow all of those masculine feelings to exit your body. You’re not a man any more. You’re going to a perfect princess girl for your step-mommy. You want to please step-mommy don’t you? Yes, of course you do. So dose some more on my magic power. Turning into a sissy girl for your step-mommy is your destiny. Step-Mommy didn’t want an ugly boy. Ewwww! Boys are so gross. Boys are dirty and filthy. That’s not dignified. Step-Mommy wanted a perfect pretty little girl. Step-Mommy wanted a girl that she could take shopping. She wanted to dress you up in pretty little dresses and heels. That’s what mommies want to do with their daughters and you want to be a good girl for your step-mommy, don’t you? Then you better transform into a perfect pretty little girl.

Time for more of step-mommy’s magic. You’re going to throw away all of your ugly boy clothes. Ewww step-mommy never wanted boy clothes, she wanted to buy you girly clothes. Pretty pink clothes. Sexy lingerie, frilly pink panties, and lacy bras. Step-Mommy wanted a girl and by taking step-mommy’s magic, you’re going to become even more of a girl for step-mommy. Step-Mommy wanted a girl, didn’t she sissy? Step-Mommy wanted you to have girly parts and not that ugly little penis you have. Step-Mommy wanted a perfect vagina. And the only way for you to take that horrible little penis and turn it into a vagina is to lock it up. Lock it up in a chastity cage and just throw away the key. And make sure it’s a pink one, that’s what step-mommy would have wanted. Just let your little penis shrivel up in your cage. It’s going to turn into a clitoris, that’s what step-mommy would have wanted.

She wanted to tell you about the birds and the bees and how when you grow up your vagina will get filled up with big cocks. Hopefully big black cocks because that’s what step-mommy likes too lol. Step-Mommy wanted all of those step-mommy/step-daughter bonding experiences because step-mommy wanted a girl. Step-Mommy wanted a girl that she could put make-up on and show you how to be pretty. She wanted to the makeup store and have your makeup done so pretty. Step-Mommy wanted a pretty made up princess. She didn’t want an ugly boy and that’s why you’re never going to be boy again, are you? You are going to absorb my magic and transform. You are going to be a perfect little princess for step-mommy. And after the initial easy transformation tactics that we’ve done today, then you’re going to really truly transform yourself. You’re going to get a big pair of bimbo tits installed, aren’t you? And then you’re going to have your cock removed, it’s what step-mommy would have wanted. Get rid of your horrible dick and balls, step-mommy didn’t want them. Step-Mommy wanted a girl. Don’t you feel like a girl? I want you to giggle like a cute girly little princess. Step-Mommy is going to so very proud of you.

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