Foot Goddess Mia – Thats my money, Blackmailing is fun – foot worship

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I wanted to show you something different today. You sluts always want to know how I treat my sluts and what day have to do. Who would say that this bitch is a company boss and now he’s smelling my sweaty flats? Haha so embarrassing right? I love to humiliate sluts like you, that what makes my day a lot more interesting. Especially when I know something that nobody else knows, like that he’s a dirty little slut who loves to clean my dirty feet and buy me everything that I want. He can’t allow his family to know this, that will ruin him. But who cares? I want everything that he owns and I’m gonna get it, one way or another!

To be honest bitches, I’m not fully happy with my personal slut. I want more … I want a lot, lot more. So, be quick, to become my PayPig!

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