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Countess Jezebeth: Alter Ego Tease and Denial – Special Effects

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I want you to cum so hard for me. You deserve to cum. You deserve the pleasure. Mmm, I love it when you stroke for me. Stroke for me. Harder. Faster. Grab your balls. It’s so fucking hot when you stroke for me. It makes me so incredibly happy to watch you stroking and pleasing yourself. You’re going to cum for me. Ugh, yes, cum for me. Cum for me! Cum. You deserve it. Please cum for me. Please stroke faster. Please stroke harder.
Do you really think I’m going to let you cum? I’m so sure you want Me to sit here and tell you how hard to stroke your dick. Well, thats too bad. You don’t deserve to stroke let alone cum. You don’t deserve any pleasure. You deserve to be LOCKED up. You deserve to be DENIED. DENIED. DENIED. You only listen to ME. No one else. I’m too powerful. I’m too much of a for ce You listen to ME. You deserve nothing but denial. So don’t you dare put your hand on that dick

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