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Club Stiletto Mistress T: Why shower at the gym when I have your tongue to get Me CLEAN – TOILET SLAVERY
Club Stiletto Mistress T: Why shower at the gym when I have your tongue to get Me CLEAN – TOILET SLAVERY

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Mistress T steps into the house dripping wet from her workout at the gym. She has you follow her into the bathroom where she has to get out of her clothes. “Look at you, you little schl1t eater, pathetically waiting for me here hoping I’d come home all sweaty and nasty” she says with a laugh. She adds that she knows you most love the smell that emanates from her sweaty ass crack. “You know I got up this morning, used the toilet, threw on my gym clothes and rushed to the gym” she tells you, admitting her asshole was far from clean to begin with. She now turns around and waves her ass in your face before seductively pulling down her pants which are also wet in the crotch area. “Everything has been marinating together down there for a couple of hours” she says.

Mistress T then goes into detail how you will lick her crack and asshole, then loosen her up so she can use you as her toilet. She spreads her raunchy ass wide and tells you too get your tongue in there. “Tongue fuck it, taste me” she demands. “Maybe you’ll get a hot lunch” she adds. She tells you she would never fuck you but you are good enough to lick her clean and be her toilet. “My caviar is superior to you and you are lucky to get it” she explains. Now she hops up onto the toilet and brings her ass back down into your face. A perfect position for you to kneel and open your mouth for her gift. “Gravity will drop it all right into your wide open mouth, so keep it open” she tells you because anything you miss you will be licking up from the ground. Not only will you suffer the humiliation of being her toilet but you will thank her for it too she explains. She does however want you to take some of her chocolate though into your hand and use it as lube to jack off. Go ahead and shoot a load thinking about it.

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