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Club Stiletto Mistress Kandy: Hungry after three days in Her cage – TOILET SLAVERY
Club Stiletto Mistress Kandy: Hungry after three days in Her cage – TOILET SLAVERY

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Mistress Kandy has left you locked in her cage for three days. As you awake you look up and see her sitting on the cage above you completely naked. “Good morning my little toilet bitch” she says to you. She touches her pussy and asks how you rested, laying on hard metal bars. You get an amazing view of her tits, pussy and ass. “This cage is perfect for taking a big, ripe stinky dump” she tells you. You haven’t eaten in three days and are so hungry. She tells you about all the decadent food she has been eating to prepare your meal. She tells you she wants your mouth open so most of it goes down your throat, the rest you will be left to lay in. You agreed to be her toilet bitch and that means from now on everything you eat and drink will come from her body or maybe her friends too. “It’s make your pathetic little cock hard thinking about it, doesn’t it?” she asks. It’s obvious it does.

She tells you to sit up to lick her engorged puckered anus and now your mouth is only an inch away. She wants your mouth pressed against her hole now as she gives you your breakfast and then tells you lay back down so she can look at you. She gives you a wide bright smile between her legs. “Give me a big smile” she tells you. She sticks her finger in her ass and tells you to lick it clean. Her control over you makes her horny and she touches her pussy again and says she is now going to wash it down with her nectar. Her breasts and nipples taunt you, so close but so far away. Now you are fed and watered, but you aren’t getting out of the cage, you will stay there until her or one of her girlfriends need you again. This is your new life.

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