Chloe Manson – This Will Only Hurt your Balls A Lot – female supremacy

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Custom clip – name not used: “A clip where you bring your male friend (the camera) to show some of the self defense lessons you have been learning in class. At first you are showing from afar the kicks, knees, punches, grab and twists to the balls you have learned and how to do it. You are talking in detail how much it probably hurts and how lucky you are you don’t have nuts with each move. Eventually you demonstrate some of these moves on your male friend (the camera) because you want to try for real on actual balls since you’ve never done it before. As you do the different techniques you describe his (the cameras) reaction to the moves and talk how the testicles feel with each move (squishy, going to pop, funny to hold etc). Eventually you accidentally pop his testicles, at first very concerned but eventually laugh how lucky you are and almost flaunt your crotch.”

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