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cfnmtv: The School Takeover (Part 1-2)
cfnmtv: The School Takeover (Part 1-2)

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PART 2: Smug newcomer Carl Bagshaw has already managed to antagonise both Cassy and Ms Corefuturex. He thinks he knows everything and that everyone must bow down to him now his father owns the school. But there’s one really important thing that he doesn’t know – and that is that Dr Phillips isn’t a real doctor at all…

Carl thinks himself as being in top shape so isn’t overly concerned about the school physical at first. But when Cassy turns up he starts to feel a little unnerved. He knows she doesn’t like him, so why does she seem to be so pleased to be there? Stood in just this underpants Carl doesn’t yet realise that he’s being tricked and this is going to be one physical exam that he’d wish he hadn’t agreed to.


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