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Brat Princess 2: Macy and Raquel – Macy Re Visits the Beta Exploitation Pro for Ball-busting  (4K)
Brat Princess 2: Macy and Raquel – Macy Re Visits the Beta Exploitation Pro for Ball-busting  (4K)

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1080 HD Macy contributes to beta manipulation pro, Raquel, to learn far more tips and tips on what steps to take to best to work with her male. Raquel proposes that Macy start out renting out her beta to some porn manufacturing corporation. Beta are not specially adaptable for pornography, nevertheless they are sometimes utilised to produce ball-busting video clips. Raquel delivers Macy 1-5 percentage to its using its own beta. Macy requests 20. Raquel promises to supply Macy 20 percentage. A bargain has been hit even though protests out of Macy’s beta. Subsequently your beta has to divert it self out of chastity. Raquel would like to observe the method by which a beta does using any ball-busting because this could be the sole type of articles he’ll be properly used for. A Lot similar to a audition. 1 challenging kick in Raquel pushes the beta traveling into the bottom in misery. She gets him awaken after which provides him a knee. That which follows would be that a flurry of cries from Raquel because Macy’s beta writhes and cries. Exactly what a series! His anguish is certain to amuse. Macy laughs. It is just like she has only won the lottery. A screen in this way is certain to generate her dollars. Raquel describes this is only a check, however, also the manufacturing company which she’s certainly going to join him makes films which are an average of like 20 minute prolonged. There are a few events on place, therefore they’re planning to to have for him to sign that a waiver after. Raquel also has obtained any reservation requests out of affluent sorority properties while in the field searching for Abeta man into ballbust as enjoyment . Macy insists to possess Raquel publication her beta to the porn shoots and also the live entertainment in the affluent sorority. (8:14 long)

Clip Contains: Macy Cartel, Raquel Roper, Ballbusting, Financial Domination, Chastity, Humiliation, Female Domination
Keywords: macy cartel , raquel roper


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