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Just imagine: mistress Helena notices that some man former young student and current slave, that has a tiny cock. And you know that? You are great for this role. She is surprised that she would pick a slave (you) with such a small dick. Helena explains you that her slave has other good skills and that she has some toys that can make up for his tiny lack of size for her pleasure from femdom. That is when Mistress Helena pulls out her big-big dildo gag! And she inserts it into her slave’s dirty mouth and strap-on it to his stupid head. While Helena is being fucked by her brave slave is forced to work also her tasty pussy using the big cock which is strapped to your head. And she doesn’t care if you are tired or is your neck is sore. You will aren’t allowed to stop this until your Goddess is completely satisfied! So, the party has just started and the lady isn’t done with you yet, dear slave.
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